Consulting best practices for Operational Excellence and Manpower Optimization

100 Managers' Toolbox: Benchmarking

A 100 managers tool for benchmarking and comparing business processes and performance metrics to align with industry best practices.

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Making the best of your human resources.. or capital..

The evolution of Valuing Human has ever since impacted businesses, and not all of us are ready with the changes. What more, to ensure...

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100 Managers Toolbox: Brand Development

A 100 managers tool for brand management. Analyse and plan brand perception and develop a strong relationship with the target market.

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Building Capability with Performers

How is Capability different from #Capacity, and #Competency? #Capability is developed by putting focus onto these 3 elements: people,...

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Why SOP is not enough..for OEx

An SOP is a documented list of what to do to, when to do, who did what and what to deliver at the end of an operation. A cooking recipe...

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Operational Excellence, what is and what is not..

If you are looking for the meaning of operational excellence, here is a snapshot of what you need to know. Operational excellence...

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