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Posted by: Admin on 31st January 2019 22:21:45.

Business Outlook and planning

We provide a full-fledged business plan or any specific derivatives of the business plan to our clients. This consists of a profile of the company, industry review and outlook, strategic plan, promotion, marketing and sales strategy, manpower planning, business outlook and budgeting plan as well as the funding requirements and alternative plans.

Process Safety Management

Through process safety management, we aim to impart a positive effect on the safety of employees as well as their employers such as increased productivity. 

Manpower Optimisation

At the end of each manpower optimisation session, the organisation would be able to come up with a complete manpower planning that optimises the productivity level which comprises of holistic budgeting.

Outlet Performance Management

Through Outlet Performance Management, we ensure that all operations at outlet and warehouse run smoothly using the correct SOP. The outlet and warehouse will have a Job Manual, SOP, suggestion for layout and also form/template needed at the end of the programme.

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