Jasmiza Solutions is a leading organizational transformation institution in Malaysia.

We help our clients grow their businesses substantially and increase profits. Working with your internal team members, and applying our tested and proven methodologies, we will help achieve and supersede your goals and objectives. Click on each of the toggle below to view or to close.


Our strategy team focuses on creating and delivering sustainable competitive advantage by researching and analyzing your business environment. We validate all elements of your strategy thus helping you optimize your assets and align your long-term goals to a more sustainable and profitable business model. We adopt a holistic approach to strategy development and execution, targeting all stages of the transformation process, from concept all through to implementation.


We leverages on data and trends to build powerful scenarios that will drive all the elements of strategy and develop an operating business model that creates competitive advantage and improved performance.

We identify potential risks or threats to your business ahead of time and develop risk management solutions that convert threats to opportunities.


Jasmiza Solutions comes in at that critical point when an organization strategy is over stretched and requires rejuvenation. We do critical review and tackle the problem with professionalism thus infusing a new life into your organization. Our consultants possess deep industry knowledge and expertise in business model design, organizational structure and culture and will make sure you have the right people in the right roles. Our proven collaborative approach and design methodologies deliver high-quality results quickly while ensuring that your organization is rightly optimized and builds the right capabilities and leadership for sustainable growth.

We approach every assignment holistically. We listen to your specific concerns and advise you on how best to address these sensitive concerns.

Our team will work together with your best, taking cognizance of the sensitivities of your organization while applying tested and proven methodologies to solve the specific challenges of your organization.


  • HR Transformation and Planning:
    There is an increasing search for HR systems and processes that help the organization achieve its strategic objectives for performance and growth. We deliver a long range model that takes the organization to its ultimate destination with distinct focus strategy, process and operations, and technology and sourcing.
  • HR Strategy:
    We help develop winning human resources strategy that is just right for you, and put you well ahead of your competition. With a streamlined operating model that reflects your business strategy, you can concentrate on value-added activities while ensuring that basic HR services are delivered efficiently and seamlessly.
  • Strategy and Technology Aligned People Management
    Managing employee life cycle in a direction that aligns with organizational strategy and goals is key. JSSB will help you to automate your HR processes using technologies and hosting models to deliver an effective human resource management. We will partner with you from requirements collection, process design and through technology selection and implementation.
  • Change Management:
    Many change initiatives fail because the initiators of change failed to assess and evaluate the impact of change on all obvious and not so obvious stakeholders. Developing a strong Business Case for change supported by detailed and well communicated benefits expressed in facts and figures is instrumental in gathering support and reducing the resistance that comes with change projects. JSSB’s Change experts will help you prepare a case that will convince all stakeholders thereby eliminating the chances of failure. We will support your organization with a transformation roadmap that will guide you throughout the journey thus boosting organizational confidence and capabilities in period of uncertainties. The roadmap will show clearly the landmarks that continually reassure you are getting closer to your desired destination.
  • Balanced Score Card and KPI Cascading:
    We help in enlightening your managers on how to ensure a balance in the performance of each employee and cascade the Key performance indicators to the level where the highest ROI would be achieved.
  • Job Description and Resource Optimization:

Laying down a good Job description helps to improve an organization’s ability to manage people and roles by clarifying employer expectations for employee and providing basis of measuring job performance. This is where we come in. We have many years of experience in developing and streamlining Job descriptions to ensure that resources are fully optimized


Succession planning is very vital in any organization, hence our leadership experts devotes their time in selecting the best candidates for your leadership and succession planning programmes. We run personality tests using a fundamental tool from Aston Business Assessments called Trait (Personality and Competency) Test. Our Leadership programs grooms leaders that would create the change for Sustainability.